Re-Designing Assessment in a Middle School

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For the past three years, Trafalgar Middle School has been working to incorporate authentic assessment practices into our work with students. We have evolved from a very traditional approach to working with students to incorporating more innovative practices designed to increase the engagement of our students.
Examples of these practices include creating of 21 new Explorations offerings in multi-age classes; extending/combing blocks of instructional time to increase deeper learning opportunities; using Backward Design theory and Assessment for Learning Practices in the creation of learning opportunities for students; and SET-BC Partnership project using assistive technology to supporting struggling learners.

We are in the early implementation phase of this transformational change. At the full implementation stage we would like to see:

  • A shift from formally reporting on student achievement to parents three times each year to ongoing communicating of student learning throughout the year.
  • Authentic assessment practices aligned with the format used to communicate student learning (letter grade free reports).
  • Use of e-Portfolios as a tool for communicating student learning on the Core Competencies.
  • Alignment with secondary reporting and university entrance practices.
  • Partnership Projects
  • Kootenay Lake
  • Reporting and Assessment
  • Trafalgar Middle School
  • Carol-Ann Leidloff
    Principal, Trafalgar Middle School

    Jeff Jones
    Kootenay Lake School District