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School District #22 Technology Innovation Coordinating Teachers want to provide all students with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Learning opportunities through a Mobile Makerspace. The space will provide access to a variety of technological experimentation with robotics, microprocessors, 3D printing, wearable computing, e-textiles, “smart” materials, programming languages and gamification learning experiences that are appropriate for grades K-12.
Learning opportunities provided by the program will support the core competencies of the new BC curriculum, fostering essential work skills like collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking and project management.
Essential to the success of the project is the portability of the Mobile Makerspace to provide the opportunity for all students to experience the program. Our proposal to the BC Innovation Partnership is to expand on our Makerspace program by providing funding to support the purchase of a broader variety of technological resources, and to further develop community partnerships.