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The primary goal of the ASPIRE program is to provide students in a remote school district with authentic science experiences to improve their science and technological skills and literacy.
To achieve this goal, students will conduct their own self-directed research projects and will engage with a diverse network of enthusiastic scientific professionals and researchers. This network will give students access to expert mentorship, direct interaction with authentic scientific research, and examples of real-world science applications, which together will guide them through their own research and place their findings in context.
Implementation of the program will follow advances and best practices in inquiry and project-based, personalized, and experiential learning. As it is fundamental to success as a citizen and scientist, the program will deliberately foster effective communication of ideas, realistic self-criticism and reflection, a willingness to take informed risks, and resilience and tenacity in pursuit of goals.

  • Partnership Projects
  • Fort Nelson
  • Project-based learning
  • R.L. Angus Elementary School, G.W. Carlson Elementary School
  • Lori Gilbert
    Teacher Librarian

    Diana Samchuk
    Fort Nelson School District