Assessment and How We Communicate Student Learning Alongside the Shifting Curriculum

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How we assess our students’ learning drives how we teach. This includes: our flexibility and instructional strategies; our requirement to personalize instruction; how we promote our students’ self-perception of themselves as learners; how we as educators view them; and, how we engage with their parents/guardians.

We now see before us an opportunity to align our practices to our beliefs, to be able to personalize learning through our reporting practices: to make learning visible.

We envision a door into our classrooms that will engage our learners and all those who support them in their journey, by creating a digital story of learning, and life. We wish to have the flexibility to share learning in “real time” without a focus on grades, marks, or fixed reporting periods using the digital tool, FreshGrade. We want to encourage continuous, ongoing reporting and communication that focuses on personalized learning through the competencies outlined in the updated curriculum.

We desire to increase parents’ engagement in their children’s learning, while shifting the emphasis to learning as a process that requires descriptive feedback and reflection from the teacher, but also from the students and their caregivers. By de-emphasizing marks and letter grades, and by removing these limiting end points, we believe we will enrich the language used to communicate student learning and thus allow for more meaningful communication, while demonstrating that learning is a process that needs to be encouraged while acknowledging individuals, no matter how they are grouped, do not necessarily progress at the same rate.

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